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We have recently had the pleasure of having the lovely Caleb join the Tin Mouse Marketing team while he completed a six week internship. He was a wonderful asset and we thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humour and talented design skills. Just before Caleb left, he answered a few questions for us about interning and working at Tin Mouse Marketing.

What inspired you to pursue design?

I’ve always had a passion for creating things as a kid, crafting, drawing, and making something out of nothing and my extremely overactive imagination and meticulous attention to detail just fuelled the fire. Over time the need to explore and create became my whole life; I had found what I loved which also happened to be what I was good at. Inevitably, as I grew older my passion for art led me to Design. Art and Design seemed to flow together perfectly, so for me it was an obvious path to take.

What’s your background (design, education, etc.)?

Growing up in a small rural town I had a chance to find who I wanted to be at an early age without someone telling me who I should be; it also helps to have parents as supportive as mine. This allowed me to find what I was passionate about and begin developing my skills sooner rather than later. When I was old enough I moved to Brisbane with a few childhood friends and enrolled in CATC Design School to refine my skills as a designer. This proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made (except for this internship of course). Making friends and establishing connections came quickly, partly due to the Brisbane Design scene and it’s welcoming nature. Finishing the course in May I will have a Diploma in Graphic Design.

Why did you apply to Tin Mouse Marketing for an internship?

At first I was too nervous and unsure of myself to even consider taking an internship, I considered myself unprepared and under-qualified, but I soon put those thoughts aside and replaced it with “what’s the worst that can happen?”. I realised the only way to get anywhere in this industry is to put yourself out there and let the arrows fly. There is only so much someone can tell you to prepare you for a career in the Design industry, but to really learn how it all works is to put yourself in the middle of it and experience it firsthand. Tin Mouse seemed like the perfect atmosphere to ease into it, they were relaxed, down-to-earth and I could see myself fitting right in. Actually, as I am writing this blog there is a man dressing in Star wars costumes beside me for reasons yet to be disclosed, which just reassures my view of Tin Mouse.

What are your favourite memories from your time at Tin Mouse Marketing?

The whole experience has been exceptional, there was never a dull moment. Sitting next to the Director, Kristin, has been great. The one-liners thrown back and forth, the new people, the projects I got to work on, and the overall experience was amazing. One thing I was really grateful for was the way in which I was fully involved in the projects, I was given a chance to see what I was made of. The fun and relaxed nature of the staff, and especially Kristin will perhaps be my favourite memory from this experience.

What advice would you give someone about to start an internship?

Each person handles experiences differently, some thrive and some crumble, it all depends on where you go and the people there, but my advice for anyone about to start an internship is to go in with a clear mind and be ready to adapt. The Design industry is a unique one, they all work differently so being able to adapt to change will be a handy asset. Time management is also a great thing to understand before you start, This was probably the hardest thing for me to overcome. Working quickly and efficiently is a must.

What is the best thing you learnt during your time here?<

To be honest, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how a studio worked but I soon found out I didn’t have much of an idea at all, so learning the in’s and out’s was a great experience. As I have stressed before, time management was a challenge for someone with an eye for quality and detail such as myself, so it was great to be put in a real situation where I could be tested and I could learn how to work more efficiently without compromising on quality. Kristin was great with picking tasks for me to do that would ultimately benefit me as a Designer so I am grateful for the knowledge she has shared with me.

Where to now? What are your plans for the future?<

To be honest, your guess is as good as mine, seven weeks ago I had no idea I would be lucky enough to be given this experience. At this stage in my life opportunities come and go faster than I can keep up with them so there is no telling what the future holds for me. But if I could I would love to work as a designer, (maybe for Tin Mouse Marketing *wink*) the experience has pushed me to another level in my budding career and I will try my hardest to realise my goal.

How would someone get in touch with you?<

I can be contacted by email at:, by phone at: 0420872125, and if you happen to be in Bald Hills you can yell real loud and I’ll probably hear you.

Once again I can’t stress my gratitude enough to be given the opportunity to work at Tin Mouse, it was an amazing experience to learn from Kristin and the rest of the staff and to grow as a Designer. I won’t forget it.

Enjoy a few little snippets from Caleb’s design portfolio…<

AGDA posters

Art House Bar Menu Graphic

Mock Book cover

Mock Logo design

Publication Design

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